The RayCubes are designed with standard interior colours; however each unit can be tailored to a clients individual choice of colour and corporate identity. This bespoke design would also include the carpet and acoustic fabric and would not incur any extra costs. The RayCubes are finished in a high qualitywhite coating. but exterior bespoke designs and corporate branding can also be applied at an additional cost. The RayCubes are built in Germany by highly skilled craftsmen. Each unit is hand built and assembled in the factory where each component is quality checked. The RayCubes are shipped directly to the installation site. The installation is scheduled for one day. During the installation the Terenci team will work with the videoconferencing technical provider to ensure the technical equipment is integrated correctly.
The RC2 will be built using the customers own preferred choice of videoconferencing equipment. We will work with your technology provider to ensure a seamless installation. All equipment; including audio speakers. microphones and screen will be integrated into The Cube. This will ensure quality and reliability and remove any technology concerns from users. Through a partnership with EDSL we are able to offer a variety of consultancy services. We can start to produce a high Level business case tor clients seeking executive sponsorship to introduce visual communications or enhance existing services in line with business objectives.
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